The Tribe

Agent Orange: My favorite ginger. We met on a blind date and decided we have more fun as friends. We’re also the last of a dying breed among our friends….not married, no kids, and completely awesome. Plus he has a beard, it’s in my blood to keep him around.

Texas TBone: Another chicky from college days who ran around with both me and Rhinestone Rosy. I truly believe she, along with me and RR, came out of college the most interesting people. She’s more than meets the eye.

Rhinestone Rosy: A chicky from my college days who holds a giant place in my heart. Girlie, fun, and married since we were young, the respect I have for her and her Beau can’t be described and I’m totally in awe of .

Ma: My mother. A conservative born again Christian, who is still a mischievous country girl at heart.

BobbyDoll: Ma’s husband for almost 20 years. Known for his love of gardening, watching football, and falling asleep with Ma in matching lazy boys while watching Dancing with the Stars.

ATeam: Our gal from DC who thrills at the city and is usually as much in the know as I am..if not more so.

The Nagulator: A transplant from the sticks to Philly. Perpetually dating and single, but the only one really actively looking and hilarious as anything, I’m constantly tweeting her quotes.

Brown Sugar:  One of the few people I know who are from Philadelphia. Born and bred. She’s a no non-sense type of gal,true Philly. If you didn’t know her, you may find her a bit intimidating. But once that veneer is cracked, she’ll do anything for you.

GreenJen: The most mature person under 30 I know. And I’m jealous.

CeCe Girl: deemed, “Mayor of Philly”  by the group. She never meets a stranger, rather she probably knows that stranger’s girlfriend/boyfriend/boss.

G-Love: Our girl in transition. Devout to Oprah’s take on life, G-Love is steadfast on making her dreams come true…it’s been a hard year or so, but she’s focused and no one will break her stride.

The Frenchies: A group of French patriots who are nothing by charming in dealing with the crazy Americans. They are a raunchy bunch as well….but in a good ol’ fashion way.

Nike: Our athletic girl. She has never met a mile marker she didn’t like. She is constantly on the run. Literally. Known from the ladies beer group, she will not accept men who drink Bud Light.

AFW: Many friends from many backgrounds…all of who, know what A.F.W.  stands for.

The Eluminater: Oh, there’s one in every bunch. And he’s mine. A little on the socially akward side, you have to be able to relate to his techie side and see through his consistent explanation of all things, all which can be easily overlooked once you get to know him. He’s truly a devout and loyal friend who just needs a little guidance here and there.

spRkLygrrL: Our well rounded chickie. She is friend to all, open to meeting anyone as well as accepting for all people. You’ll find her appreciating the fine arts as well as making friends at a punk show. Either way, she’s an appreciator of arts and eclectic creatures.

Tulip: Taking over as the youngest of the bunch, she’s newly graduated and making a name for herself in the working world.

Frontal Lobe: Girl from my hood. If you saw us together, two people couldn’t be more opposite in looks and direction of life. But she’s from back in the day, who knew me when.  And those are usually the best people to have in your life.

Justintime: smart ass, witty, and all around nice guy who strangely was running in similar circles of mine before we met. Friendly to all, Hi-Larious to me.

Wait Wait, I Need to Pose: Not your average boy from “The Great Northeast”, and always has a pout to shout out.

Kizzbot: Our Mid West transplant and he’s here to stay. Sweetest of the bunch….those mid-west values.

Snus: Friend of Kizzbot. You’ll find him either texting, juggling his dating life, or just outright having boom boom time. Or all three. I can respect that.

Rolled Rick: Roommate of Snus: the only straight guy who gets as excited as I do when we find out the gays have decided to hit a up a straight bar.

The Captain: friend of Kizzbot and the only other girl in the group besides me. Pretty cool and relaxed, with a sly grin.

Battleship: BF of The Captain. Speaks little if at all, and only when The Captain says so.

Big Owl: A coworker who I have decided to hang out with, breaking my own general work rule (do not hang out with co-workers). She’s a new grad to life and is working on moving on to stop two.

Panda: Oh, lawdy! When she and Big Owl get together, it’s a mess, a mess, a mess. Very funny and willing to call anyone out to make them seem funny as well.

Cookie from Vanookie: Again, another co-worker who I have decided to hang out with but only after unfriending her, friending her, restricting access and unrestricting facebook access. Maybe I jumped the gun about her.


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