The Von Awesome You’re Reading About

The original concept of  Betsy Von Awesome, was to chronicle my preparation for my European trip. Originally I wanted to travel six months to 1 year, but found myself with three weeks to discover Ireland, N. Ireland, Scotland, England, and Holland. This was plenty enough for a first time traveler, especially since I was traveling solo.

Throughout my trip, I was changing. Upon my return home, I realized, my attitude changed, my perceptions changed, my goals and interests changed, I realized I should do more here in the states. Philly had a lot to offer and I was going to find it!

The new intention of the blog is to show off the life in the city be it by myself for enrichment or with my friends for bonding…it would be documented for the year. “A man is not an island” (and an island is not a bar), and it is time I realize that and seek out the wonders of my friends, Philadelphia, and the US.

UPDATE: I’ve moved back to my home town of Dallas BUT my focus has not changed. This time I want to tackle Dallas just like I did with Philly. (this may require a car)


4 thoughts on “The Von Awesome You’re Reading About

  1. Loved your post on the Rock Bottom remainders! I always want to go see them (in whatever form they appear) at BookExpo, but I never have time :(. The pics are great – thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Mary:

      YES! They are a sight to see! I hope you get a chance to witness the magic one night…they are a lot of fun.!

  2. I love the blog! You are such a great writer! It was lovely meeting you in Galway this month! I’d love to keep in contact with you via email or facebook. Hope all is well!

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