It’s a Texas State Fair Scavenger Hunt!

state fair of texas, fair food, big tex, scavenger hunt

Need a way to entertain yourself while digesting the fried fantasies of the Texas State Fair? Try out this scavenger hunt.

1. Kid on a Leash
2. Tony Romo jersey
3. Fanny Pack
4. Mullet
5. Someone barefoot
6. Someone wearing not enough clothes
7. Baby drinking Coke
8. Someone carrying too many stuffed animals
9. Kid having a tantrum
10. Someone eating fried butter
11. Vomit on the ground
12. Someone wearing high heels…or inappropriate shoes for the fair
13. Senior in scooter
14. Teenager dipping
15. Stuffed animal sold in unnatural pose
16. Kid hysterically crying in a ride w their parents laughing
17. Cheapest and most expensive rides
18. People taking pictures of themselves with farm equipment
19. Someone wearing all black standing next to a cowboy
20. An animal pooping
21. A family wearing the same shirt (bonus if they shirts are neon colored)
22. Someone using a LONG walking stick to walk through the fair.

I found about 25% ish of the list…but I was more interested in trying THE FOOD! This year, I tried:

  • Fried Guacamole: Skip it. The breading was too thick and the guac too hot and not salty enough.
  • Fried Spinach and Cream Balls: Definitely try, served with a side of salsa, these creamy, finger foods were as addicting as mini quiches
  • Fried Mac and Cheese: One word: YES
  • Corny Dog: Classic
  • Fried Queso Balls: Eh, tried it, wouldn’t go back. The breading was too thick and chewy.
  • Fresh Lemonade: end the day walking around the park with a fresh glass. You won’t regret it.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Texas State Fair Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Dear Betsy;

    Item 22 on your list (the long walking stick) seems a bit questionable. When you were at the Fair weren’t there all the people walking around with the wooden ‘hiking sticks’ from Northern Tool ? I went yesterday (Oct 10th) and it seemed like about every 4th or 5th person I saw had one. And yes, I made my way by the Northern Tool tent before I left last night (after a neat ride around-and-around on the Ferris Wheel) and got one (it’s leaning against the wall next to my refrigerator as I write this).
    Do little boys still read ‘Robin Hood’ ? If so I predict that there will be an outbreak of recreations of the pike staff fight between Robin and Little John on the tree lying across the creek.

    Also, do I get extra points for having seen a child running around trailing a ‘leash’ behind her (re> Item #1 on your list) ? At first I didn’t recognize what it was … the little girl had long hair but then going down her back was a dark ‘line’ that continued several feet across the ground …. then I realized that she had gotten away from her parents (perhaps an ‘arranged’ escape ?)

    Concerning Item 9 on the list (the kid having a tantum) … Is there a bonus for having heard a child crying in a way such that for an instant it sounded like a pig squealing ? (I’d just gone to the ‘pig race’ and so perhaps my ears were overly sensitized to that sort of sound.)

    What about Item 15 (the stuffed animal sold in an unnatural pose) – Are you willing to give partial credit for stuffed animals for which there seems to be no possible reason they’d be kept around the day-after-going-to-the-fair (and people come back to some semblance of their good senses ….. at least partially) ? There was a teenage girl in the same gondola car on the Ferris Wheel and she was lugging around this ‘fuzzy thing’ (bought by her boyfriend I’m pretty sure) and it was not apparent what it was supposed to be. (How about sponsoring a ‘landfill scavenger hunt’ looking for junk bought at the fair which quickly goes into the trash ?)

    Best Regards;


    PS – My friends (the ones who forced me to go to the fair with them) weren’t lying when they told me that all the fried foods sold at the Texas State Fair are good for you ….. were they ?

    • Paul,

      So glad you found the necessities of the fair! Ha! yes…bonus points on all accounts.

      As for the fried foods…good for you? Let’s not focus on that….;-) Let’s focus on the variety! I hope you had some fried mac and cheese.

      (I agree with you regarding the landfill! I don’t remember a time I ever kept my stuffed animals from the fair)

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