Habit Forming



I’m starting a new habit.

Every morning, I do 10 minutes of reading and journalling to decompress and/or wake up.

Book: Something to SMILE About by Zig Ziglar

(this is great, because, I DO have a 2013 goal to read more!)

This book, along with my cup of coffee and three weeks, has changed my approach to the day.

Lessons learned include:

  • Change ‘Got to’ to ‘Get to’
  • Common sense and practical application are the best ways to the top.
  • Doing beats talking every time.
  • Stop worrying
    •  40% of what we worry about won’t happen
    • 30% of worry has already happened
    • 12% of our worries are unfounded health concerns
    • 10% involve daily miscellaneous that accomplishes nothing

………and honestly, looking back at some of the stories..I realize, I’ll need to re-read.

I have found it’s a nice “non-electric” wake up…you know what I mean….my typical morning used to be:

1. Wake up

2. Roll over to the computer and or phone

3. Check facebook, instagram, etc…. just in case

4. Get out of bed




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