New Years Resolutions – Festivals: Taste of Dallas

taste of dallas

One of my favorite New Years Resolutions:Festivals!

I signed up my cousin and myself for The Taste of Dallas. 


$10 Taste of Dallas Bucks each day to spend on vendors

Le Freak Concert

Day One:

I was a ticket and take and dream maker. Checking in the VIPS and online tickets…. I got to use a tool. Yea!

taste of dallas

Our shifted technically ended at 11 pm…. but we were let go early because, honestly, who’s coming to eat food at 10:55 pm in Fair Park?

Day Two

We dealt with entitled, dip shit teenagers, prompting me to leave in search of more favorable company: The result: the indoor basketball games with the boy scout volunteers. …….Good. Lawd.

taste of dallas

I’ll say, it was definitely super fun and not what I was expecting.

Special appearances by the NBA Championship trophy…and a petting zoo of joeys playing with baby ducks.

The night ended with Le Freak. THE Dallas funk band I would follow to the end of the world….glitter by glitter.


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