New Years Resolution: Running

moo cow run, fair park, 5k, fun run

It’s been awhile since I ran and was timed for it. Though I have been running-ish daily to stay active and to help clear my head, I had not done a proper, consistent run.

In keeping with my New Years Resolution, I jumped on the band wagon with Rhinestone Rosie, who will do runs if they involve a medal…she signed up for the Moo Cow mini Marathon.

Complete cow theme, it was only 2.6 miles, which I was pumped for because I thought that’s how far I had been running around the neighborhood before stopping.

But I stopped before the 2nd mile. I was so disappointed, I just can’t seem to push past the mental break.

I need a running partner. Desperately.

Nevertheless, I got my medal. And I came in 16th in my age bracket, 196th overall.

Next one: Zombie Run


One thought on “New Years Resolution: Running

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