New Texas Towns: Galveston


I have loved discovering new places as a part of my New Years Resolution, and this past week I found myself in Galveston, an old family vacation destination since I was a child. And let’s just say, it involved a beach house on stilts rented by a man named Curly who had 8 fingers.

The Ride Down

This trip was for work and it started out with a boom.

The Patriot Guard provided a caravan for us from Houston to Galveston….and it was amazing.

patriot guardPhoto Credit


The last time I fished,  I was 10 and I hooked a floating catfish. A chance to redeem myself and actually see what all the fishing fuss was about, I went out with my group into the bay on a party boat. We saw dolphins, pelicans, turtles,and a shark.

I didn’t catch anything, but I did some amazing handling of squid and can officially claim I know how to bait a hook and clean up a birds nest. Yes, I’d go again.

The Hotel Galvez

My free day and I headed to the The Hotel Galvez. I had noticed it from day one and was desperate to check it out. I fell in love with the Cuban vibe, especially the furniture. To think this hotel has been working 1911 and survived Galveston hurricanes. 

Galveston Architecture with special appearance of the GoogleMoble.

These are the houses I would like to live in…most built in the earlier 1900’s and, of course, have a porch.  I also made my way into The Strand, the strip of downtown Galveston.

San Jacinto Monument and USS Texas

You can’t deny a great vessel or historical battleground. Texans get Texas History in 4th and 7th grade. Two full years of Texas History.  The Battle of San Jacinto was THE battle securing Texas independence from Mexico.

The monument has a great walking tour staring the familiar faces of Houston, Santa Ana, Austin, and Lamar to name a few.

There’s also an observation deck and the sight is amazing.

The decommissioned USS Texas is a great vessel across from the monument. Though the walk up into the vessel can be trying because of the distance and the Texas heat, there is an air conditioned room with continuous play video that is a great relief.

A great find of Galveston? Rita’s Water Ice…….



4 thoughts on “New Texas Towns: Galveston

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  2. I live in Houston now and can’t wait to check out some of your finds in Galveston! Thanks for the post!

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