New Texas Towns : Denison aka Texas/Oklahoma Line

Eisenhower State Park

In light of my New Years resolution to discover new Texas towns, I head to Denison, Texas with Agent Orange and friends for a night of camping.

So much to be said about this trip:

1. It’s a one nighter…out and back basically.

2. It’s the second time I’ve camped with my own camping gear since FEST.

3. Continue with “no plans is the plan” approach.

4. Agent Orange loves his gadgets and, boy did he have a lot to use.

Location: Eisenhower State Park

City: Dennison, Tx (border of Texas and Oklahoma)

Cost: $20 a sight/day, $5 to enter

Notoriety: Home of Dwight D. Eisenhower

What can I say? We drank, we cooked, and Agent Orange taught some teenagers, camped next to us, how to start a proper fire.

We just sat around the fire, having great beer and  listened  to Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Willie, Waylon, and the boys all night.

eisenhower state park

Weather report, per me:  “30% chance of rain”. 

Weather report, per Agent Orange standing over my tent  around 2:30 am: “There’s a hug thunderstorm coming and we are in the middle of it. ”  Followed by a long night of gusting winds, bright lightening and thunder.

Agent Orange brought his high end camping tent and cot while I brought my budget, camping starter kit.

Results were as expected:

Me: Water in the tent, on my pillow, and soaked sheets and everything had to be dried out.

Agent Orange: “I slept like a baby.” (I ignored him for a few minutes)



I’m starting to enjoy camping. I like the outdoors life, there’s still a sense of community and it’s great to meet people and engage with them.

I may even invest in a better tent.


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