Ales Belles: Texas Ladies, Drinking Beer

ales belles, ladies beer drinking club

In honor of my experience with In Pursuit of Ale, the Philly Woman’s Beer Club….I have been inspired to get the gals together in Dallas to discover good beer.

Ales Belles

Goal: Get women together at great places and have some awesome beer.

The Plan: No plan, is the plan.

Location: Anvil Pub

Neighborhood: Deep Ellum

Beers tried: (opps!) 

  • Six Points Apollo
  • Staropramen
  • and ended with my fave of faves… Rochefort 8

What happened:

We met Bob. He told us he was in a movie. None of us believed him…. Until we found this:

And this was overheard:

Girl 1: my ex is here.
Girl 2: should we leave?
Girl 1: no, he’s cute.


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