True Story….Discuss

1990 dick tracy (25)
Agent Orange and I had drinks at The Ginger Man in Dallas and we met an interesting character at the bar. as we all spoke, I blathered on about this and that…..but Agent Orange questioned multiple clues I completely missed.

My question: Mafia man or stuntman?
1. Missing two Finger tips
2. Band aid on another finger
3. Amputated leg with prosthesis
4. Fused neck, unable to turn head independently of his body
5. Currently lives in Vegas
6. Stated “I only stay in town for 2 days wherever my job sends me
7. Used to live in Newark, NJ
8. Looking for a condo to buy in Dallas (where he will
only live at 2 days a week)
9. And he enjoys Framboise



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