Dallashenge 2013 – A Little to the Right


Day: Friday, April 19th

Time: 6:52 am-ish

Event: Dallashenge

(similar to Manhattenhenge or Torontohenge)

Expectation: The sun between the mammoth, mirrored buildings of Dallas, Texas.


I ran to meet up with a fellow blogger that morning, only to find out at 6:45 am, I was literally on the wrong side of the city to see the 6:52 am sun rise.

What’s a runner to do?


I ran the mile and a half, with keys in hand and a belly full  of coffee. I had never been so excited to see the sun as I was that day.

I found myself over the Commerce/Main overpass overlooking Dealey Plaza and straight down Main Street, with my back to the DART train tracks.


The sun rise was amazing, regardless of the apparent diagnal trajectory of the sun. I was awed by the beauty of the city itself.

I felt I awoke with the day.

Two Days later, while I lay in bed hungover, my fellow blogger got THE shot.

See Below.


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