New Years Resolutions – More Festivals!

deep ellum festival crowd

My New Years Resolutions just keep on keepin on, which I’m very excited about. A few weeks ago, I got involved with The Deep Ellum Art/Music Festival LINK

In it’s 19th year (where was I those first few years??? Mom and I will need to discuss!) and I volunteered for all three days.

deep ellum arts festival

As with most volunteer events, it’s usually hurry up and wait or massive responsibilities.

Day One: Responsibilities: Stage Relief

Benefits: Ride in a golf cart up and down Deep Ellum and end up watching an awesome band: Buggaboo

My favorite song of theirs, “Bump on a Tree”

Day Two: Responsibilities: Booth relief efforts aka potty breaks for the artists

Benefits: Met a lot of vendors and artists and see their work up close and personal as well as engage with the crowd.

Additonal benefits: Breaks

Epic Cone… in pizza in a cone. Yes.

epic cone

Triple threat benefit:  My volunteer buddies….The two Jorges!

The two Jorges and I checked out the bars and other bands after our shifts ended.

deep ellum free man

deep ellum

Day Three: Responsibilities: More golf carting! (and cleaning up) followed by barrier guarding.

High light of the night: Standing at a street barrier with a volunteer named Ben and dealing the Meth Head that kept walking around us. Literally walking around us, staring at us, dancing around us…and eventually following a puppy across the street.

I love this town.

p.s. will try to get more pictures of me doing volunteery things…… time


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