My 2013 New Years Goals aka the “Mega To-Do List”

It’s March already…Whooo-Hooo! Time to let my 2013 Resolutions out.  And it looks like I’m on my way!

hope, goals

Travel Goal: 

  • Discover at least 10 new Texas Towns

So far….

Cultural Goal:

  • See at least two local shows (any show, comedy, musical, high school, whateva)
  • Volunteer at 2-3 festivals
  • Read Two books (I haven’t been a dedicated reader for over five years!)

So far…..

Physical Goal: 

  • Work out 3-4 times a week
  • Run 5 5K’s  without stopping during the run

So far….

Financial Goal:

  • Review Budget Monthly
  • Save enough to decorate my condo every two months

Relationship Goal:

  • Don’t let last years heartbreak stop me from falling in love deeply and honestly again.                            (God, I miss him)
  • Keep the that amazing Wednesday in my heart. 

General Goal: 


“May We All Get to Heaven Before the Devil Knows We’re Dead”


7 thoughts on “My 2013 New Years Goals aka the “Mega To-Do List”

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