New Texas Towns: Mineral Wells and a Few Dots Along the Way

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Keeping up with my 2013 New Year’s Resolution to discover new Texas towns, I headed out to Mineral Wells this weekend….with a side of Strawn, Tx.

Agent Orange came along with me, his interest in what Mineral Wells had to offer was equal to mine, if not more.

Mineral Wells aka “Keep Mineral Wells Crazy”, is known for the mineral rich water springs which created a boom industry for wellness via the water in the late 1800’s and into the early 1900’s.

First Stop: The Baker Hotel

The ultimate ruin porn! You can walk straight up the front steps and walk around 1/4 of the building. Most of the windows are broken and doors are boarded up, but you can still see directly into the building. I found THIS awesome sight for more amazing pictures.

Known for it’s famous devouties and eventually its demise in the 70’s, this building can’t be ignored. There’s talk of reconstruction, revitalization….if only someone would donate $30 million dollars.

Second Stop: Crazy Water

Our next stop was for the famous Crazy Water. Just what the town is known for.  There are four levels of water, each level of water containing a greater level of mineral concentration. You can sample each level with help from the staff (who are amazing and so, so friendly).

The No. 4, being the most concentrate….also has the effects of a laxative. Just sayin’…. be warned.

mineral wells, crazy water, keep mineral wells crazy, texas towns, texas small towns

Third Stop: The Vietnam War Memorial Wall Replica

Vietnam memorial, mineral wells, army, texas road trip, Fallen Soldier Battle Cross

Just of Hwy 180, outside of Mineral Wells, this amazing memorial is quickly spotted by the mounted helicopter. The area is mix of somber reflection as well as visceral experience of seeing military equipment up close and personal.  Pull over and walk through the reflecting areas as well as take an up close look at the Wall, the tanks, and the fallen soldier battle cross.

Final Stop: Mary’s CafeStrawn, Texas

This is one place that slowly made it’s way into our plans. We had read about it, decided it was too far from Mineral Wells…but once Mary’s Cafe came about in casual conversation from strangers, we decided it was a sign from the chicken fried steak Gods.

texas road trip, strawn, chicken fried steak, texas road trips

I felt as if Mary’s was the ONLY thing in Strawn, but that feeling is pretty normal for small town Texas.

Mary’s has a full menu, we focused on the chicken fried steak. You can order small, medium, or large. Large being the one that is larger than the plate and will fall over the sides.  I ordered small which came with a bowl, a BOWL of white gravy, fries, and a small sides salad of iceberg lettuce…..and of course a goblet of Shiner Bock.

Be warned, Mary’s has a smoking section. I’m never a fan of smokers lighting up while I’m trying to eat. URGH! But lucky for us, it was smoke free the entire time.

Before you leave, check out the merchandise table and grab a shirt proclaiming your devotion to Mary’s Cafe.


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