New Texas Towns: Paris, Texas with a Side of Commerce


One of my New Years goals for 2013 was to discover at least 1 new Texas town a month.

This month:  Paris, Texas.

This past weekend, I headed out with Rhinestone Rosey and Texas Tbone, sorority sisters from Gamma Phi Beta, who I went to school with at East Texas State.That being said, the plan was Paris, Texas via Commerce and walk down memory lane.

First stop…. The Gamma Zeta Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta.



Oh, Gamma Phi, so many memories……the parties, the singing, the wine coolers. Being it was 10 am, on a Sunday we took our chances and banged on the front door, Texas Tbone was close by wearing her GPhiB sweatshirt from back in the day, just in case the girls thought us crazy. But they didn’t, they welcomed us in as we charged through the door and started scanning the walls for our composit picture.  (along with reminiscing about ghosts, house decor, and the other girls we lived with)

composet happy

We were still on the wall!

We headed out to the local park to reenact pictures from 20 years ago.  Priceless.

sara patty anna tree

patty and anna

Next Stop: Paris, Texas

The Eiffel Tower of Paris, Texas was a pleasant surprise on a foggy day. Paris also has a Tour De Paris, Texas….something I’d like to check out one year.

eiffel tower, paris texas

Though it was closed, we found a cute antique store.

paris texas

paris texas

paris texas

Lastly Jesus Wearing Cowboy Boots.

Thanks to Odd Ball Texas and a suggestion of Rhinestone Rosey, we sought out the famous head stone of Willet Babcock.

It’s smaller than expected, but the cheekyness of headstone made it’s point. The entire cemetery is very interesting, many grave sites bare large, artistic devotions to the dead.

paris texas, jesus cowboy boots

A great day trip, worth traveling to for a weekend.


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