Public Art Walk Dallas – Something Free and Amazing to do on a Sunday


Head to the Dallas Museum of Art and grab a free map for the Public Art Walk throughout Dallas. You’ll find yourself pleasantly lost in a city with  surprisingly abundant and beautiful public art as well as beautiful historic buildings.

art map

Along the way, prepare to get distracted by pubs, parks, and restaurants as well as the entertaining people of Dallas.

We did about half of the walking tour, there was  so much more to see and do. The walk is about 3.3. miles and will take over 2 hours if you get as lost and into each location as we did….if you choose this, best of luck and enjoy!

Though business buildings will be closed on the weekend, there are plenty of hotels and local flavor open on a Sunday. There is also paid parking lots around the city ranging from $5 to $10 dollars, if you can find street parking (which you will be able to), it’s metered for two hour increments.


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