Glow Run 2012 – Let Your Light Shine!

Another 5K is where I found myself this weekend, and this time I was with a group!

The Glow Run is a national run, done at night with an emphasis on glow and shine. I was just excited because it was a run done at a time of day I actually did enjoy running.

I signed up with four other girls and I had planned to keep it low key…Rhinestone Rosy, was all about the bling and slowly dragged me into the race and all it’s neonness.

Of all the things she threw on me, my neon axe was my favorite!

I don’t know my time yet, but I’m sure it’s the worst I’ve done…and I don’t care…I had so much fun going with a group of people.

Our focus was neon lights and pictures and getting our participation medal.

That was it.


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