Texas State Fair : Fried Food Mania

It’s fair time in Texas. Which basically means cold weather, the auto show, livestock, rides, tons of food…a lot of food and of course Big Tex!

Deep Fried Mac and Cheese: Amazing. Absolutely. I would go back for this surprising delight with it’s crunchy outside and smooth cheesy-ness. I thought it would be a bit on the dry side, like school mac and cheese, but it had a creaminess to it that rolled my eyes back into my head.

Deep Fried Beer: Not impressed at all. I returned the order and asked for my tickets back. The pasta was cut ravioli style and had only a doughy consistantcy with no discernible beer flavor.

Deep Fried Biscuits and Gravy: Interesting texture, not as crispy on the outside as I had expected. It had a nice gravy filling, but the bread wasn’t a traditional biscuit, but a a slider bun. Personally, I thought it was a bit salty and the bread overwhelmed the gravy component.

Deep Fried Brownies: Served in three blocks, it was absolutely one of the top tastes. Still creamy with a defined chocolate taste that wasn’t overpowered by any fried component. Drizzled with chocolate syrup and softly powdered. This was worth seconds.

Candy Coated Chocolate Covered Bacon: I was truly expecting a hot piece of bacon. What I got was cold , limp, bacon dipped in sweet chocolate and sprinkles. A serving is about four pieces, but I think two would have be enough. I would have even preferred a crispy cold bacon dipped in chocolate and not the four pieces of cold fat.

Fletcher’s Corny Dogs: What can I say? This is truly the best corny dog I have ever had, the batter is thick, the dog is a managable size and topped with mustard, you can’t go wrong.


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