Good Bye Philly! Tour – Apple Picking

One thing I have always heard about, but never did, was apple picking. 12 years in Philly and I never even attempted to try. This weekend I went to Highlands Orchards Farm and Market.

It’s an organic, family oriented farm with an unexpected charm and enough opportunity to get lost in apple picking.

Riding the jitney to the picking sites is enough to ante up the curiosity of what to expect. A bumpy ride of over the hill and through the fields and around the corner (I’m not kidding) will land you at three potential picking sports for either berries or two spots for multiple apple types.

I paid for a 1/2 peck ($12) of apples.

I got off at the Gala and McIntosh site where there were multiple rows of trees and you could easily get lost and enjoy the quite of the Pennsylvania country.



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