Boomerang Betsy – My Beer Belly is Faster Than Yours

It’s official! I competed in my first Texas event.

The Rahr & Sons Oktoberfest 5K! 

Now, I’ve actually done a 5K before, For Clean Air in 2010,  it was a goal of mine back in the day when I was discovering running. I finished the race and pulled up my underwear, in that order. So, you never know what can happen in my home state of Texas.

The race was sponsored by my new local love, Rahr and Sons Brewery, which I got a chance to visit during my last visit to Texas. They had options of running in your age category or in the beer belly category (based on weight). I chose age.

I came in 34th in my age range….I’m too neurotic to do the beer belly category. ::sad face::

I definitely felt I was better than the last 5K…faster, steadier. I found a pacer in front of me and I stayed with her as long as I could. I wasn’t passed by a child, anyone elderly, and especially not a stroller. I ran about 2.5 miles and I walked for four blocks, watching everyone I had passed, pass me. As the 3 mile marker came into sight, I saw a stroller in the corner of my eye.

I started to run.

This stroller was not going to happen! I made it to the finish line, at least two steps ahead of them.

New goal set: Next time…don’t stop.


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