Good Bye Philly! Tour – Bowling

An afternoon down pour cancelled the Camden Riversharks minor league baseball game with The Eluminater, so we headed to North Bowl in NoLibs for trendy, low key bowling. Calling up The Nagulator to meet up with uswe gorged ourselves with PBR and tator tots for two games.

It did not start out good. I lost…by A LOT! I bowled a 56. A 56! How is that possible?!?!  I told The Eluminater I was having problems with my left knee. His response, “Yea, you need to bend it.”



But then things started to pick up in game 2!


I’m pretty sure it was all about the tots and the shoes. Definitely the shoes.


In the end, I still came in second, I bowled a 129, a slight revenge…..what can I say? Maybe it was the shoes.


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