Boomerang Betsy – Headed Home

Well, it’s official with my friends and semi-official with work…..I’m headed back to Dallas.

I’ve got a new job, one that I have been trying to get for about four years, which is awesome.

I’ve become part of the Boomerang Generation, though slightly more responsible…..I’m going to move back in with my mom and her husband, which is a whole other blog. While planning to pack up my 200 square foot apartment and drive for 24 hours over 1400 miles, I was told my Ma on the phone:

“We will not be home when you get here, we will be in San Antonio. So you’ll need to find someone to help you unload the truck, drop it off, and you’ll also need to get a rental car if you plan on going anywhere. BobbyDoll‘s work truck will be here when you get here, but no one can drive it, but him…and me if I need to.  We’ll also need to discuss  a schedule for the car. You can use mine when you get back, as long as you don’t go clubbing. Okay, love you, bye!

Thanks Ma.

UPDATE: It’s now official at work.

UPDATE UPDATE: Ma isn’t too happy about how she sounds on this blog….

Really? U posted what I told u about the car and truck? Made me sound like a witch, with a B. Thanks

10 minutes later:

Sorry it came across like it did. Just though it would b good to let u now the <<ground>> rules. Probably should have waited until u got home. oh well. 

The next day:

Ok. I over reacted. Sorry. love u.

Oh, Ma.


4 thoughts on “Boomerang Betsy – Headed Home

  1. Anna you are hilarious! It is bittersweet to see you go as I was looking forward to daily visits to the fry truck! I know you have made a significant impact on so many lives while in Philly….friends, patients, etc and to say you will be missed is an understatement. I am so excited for you to start that new job and help that world continue to grow (they tend to be pretty far behind..when I started in 2007 they had just gotten their first Bioness)! They are very lucky to have you!!! Keep in touch 😉

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