Frisbee Is Functional

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True Story:

Situation at work: Group therapy with physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT) and recreation therapy (TR).

Me (a TR): “Helen* (an OT), you can play Frisbee with Mary for therapy.”
Helen: ::holding the Frisbee:: “So, do people actually catch this? Not just dogs?”
Me: ::pause:: “Yes. Have you never played Frisbee?”
Helen: “I’ve seen dogs catch them with their mouths, but not people.”
Me: “Hold on, I need a minute to absorb this. You’re an OT and never played Frisbee?”
Helen: “I only do functional things with people”
My brain: “Well, bless your heart.”
**Name has been changed to protect the ignorant

The Benefits of Frisbee: Find more in the article: Here



Hand-Eye Coordination

Stress Release

Standing Tolerance

Social Engagement

Leisure Education


Lower Body Strengthening

Frisbee Is Functional


One thought on “Frisbee Is Functional

  1. Hopefully you explained to Helen that when people play with the frisbee they catch it with their hands and NOT there mouth, as dogs do. Don’t take anything for granted….LOL

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