Not That Springfield – Where’s the Dead Man’s Party?

Springfield, IL. recently revealed to NOT be THAT Springfield is home for the next few days as I attend a professional recreation conference. Yes, there are conferences on recreation.  It’s usually a lot of college kids, seniors, obese women, and lesbians. I’m not sure where or even how I fit into the mix….but I’m here for personal growth and professional obligations.

Side track, let’s get back to Springfield.

I’m on a mission! My hotel is on the outskirts of the city, I really think it’s in a slowly dying suburb. There is no public transit, sidewalks are only on one side of the street, and it takes 15 minutes just to get a cab to the hotel.

It doesn’t matter!

If I see anything, it MUST be Lincoln’s Tomb or the Lincoln Library….anything Lincoln oriented!

I immediately knew Springfield had something special when I walked into the airport from my plane from Chicago puddle jumper. I waited silently with my group of 20 by the only baggage claim.

and waited for my ride by the drop off area.

Time for a nap.


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