Summer Time, Time for Bourbon

Can I be a Bourbon girl? Vodka, yes….. but bourbon? Maybe. I headed to Nike’s place for a Scotch party with cigar on the side.  I brought in Woodford Reserve, a selection I made after reading about it on  Listed as the best from the reviewer, I put my complete trust in it.

Bourbon of Choice: Woodford Reserve

The cigar on the other hand was something I had done in the past as a college coed with the Chicago boys. It was definitely a band wagon I jumped on, only to fall off quickly, because I honestly had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

I went to Holt’s Cigar Company. These guys are amazing, willing and very eager to share their knowledge of cigar making, history, and small bits of information about the cigar industry. I settled on an Aston Cigar, $8.35.  I was told, it’s a light cigar and good for beginners….and it will not make you sick.

Well, that’s always good.

*Bourbon, Scotch, Whiskey and Cigar Starters

Nike’s suggestion, try the first glass neat. Then add ice as needed.

UPDATE: Since the original posting, six hours ago, I have been informed I may be confusing every drink within the Scotch, Whiskey, and Bourbon group.  My pal wrote on my wall…..

 I cannot believe that you are using Scotch, Bourbon, and Whisky interchangeably. THESE ARE DIFFERENT DRINKS – partly to do with where they are made, but also how they are made. Balvenie is Scottish whisky (Scotch), which is malt whisky, like most Irish Whiskys (Jameson’s). American whisky (mash whisky – corn, usually – best known Jack Daniels). Rye whisky (usually Canadian – V&O, Canadian Club). Bourbon traditionally only comes from Bourbon County, Kentucky.”

*I changed the picture titles up, hopefully this clears things up with everyone, at least with me. Next time she’s in town, she’s confirmed we are having an teaching lesson. That would be a good start.

*Bourbon, Neat and Scotch Whiskey is Waiting in the Background

I had one sip, quickly added three ice cubs, and let them melt. Then added three more.

It was pretty clear after six sips. Bourbon, neat or on the rocks, was not for me. Though Nike and everyone else really enjoyed my Woodford Reserve, I just couldn’t warm up to the aftertaste and the lingering fire in my belly.

Then there was Mint Juleps.  God bless mint and powered sugar.

My Saving Grace, Mint Julep

In the backyard, we lit up our cigars.

I am a Cigar Queen.....

...or maybe not.


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