Ohio, Now What?

Happy Birthday Kizzbot!

Off to Ohio with Justintime, Wait, Wait I Need to Pose, and Kizzbot for a full weekend of Birthday celebrations.

Does anyone know what to expect from Ohio?



…..but there is are great sights to see in this “San Francisco of the East”

North Market

Indoor Market of Columbus

Balcony View of North Market

The Book Loft

37 rooms of books. Each room has it's own music.

Short North

Welcome to Short North

HipstaMatic on a Sunday Morning

Ohio State University

Justintime promoting safety awareness at the library

The original OSU building.

Wait, Wait... Waiting in the rocker.


Dan Savage...we thought about waiting around..but we had beer to get to.

Muggle Quidditch

Karaoke at Club 20

Dive Bar Extrodinairre

Food Trucks

Friday Night Food Trucks

Pizza Food Truck

Birthday Time for Kizzbot!

Sup! Happy Day!

Ohio's first pickle shots at Betty's Fine Food & Spirits

Kizzbot and Wait, Wait

Betty's bathroom


BattleShip, Justintime, The Captian, Rolled Rick, Kizzbot, and Wait, Wait


betsyvonawesome and Wait, Wait

Wait, Wait and Justintime

and it ends all with a lil’ Snus.


Happy BDay Kizzbot!


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