Philly Oktoberfest……Yo! Prost!

Beer Hall Seating

Philly’s own Brauhaus Schmitz had an Oktoberfest this weekend. I met up with ATeam, G-Love, Kizzbot, and Wait, Wait, I Need to Pose  for beer, dancing, and overall hot mess times.

Brauhaus Beer Hall

The set up of the fest was doable overall. Good traffic patterns,  bathrooms and beer vendors spaced apart, and plenty of room to stand or sit.

I became a fan of Kristina tonight. Meet Kristina…..the porker.


Photo Credit


Ski Shot

Wait, Wait, I Need to Pose and Kizzbot

The fun thing about day festivals…is the chance to take a house party break and watch some TiVo!

House Party Break with Kizzbot, Wait, Wait, and ATeam

House Party Break with ATeam, G-Love, and Kizzbot



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