Philadelphia Live Arts and Fringe Fest Volunteer Extravaganza: Red Rovers

Photo Credit

Show: Red Rovers

Location: Back to the old furniture warehouse in Northern Liberties

Job: Fire watch

My "Everyone stay calm. I'm in complete control" Look

Primary Responsibility: Watch for fire.

Be the beacon of safety, the light-ray of hope in a chaotic moment.

Should say...."Do Not Enter....without the smart guidence of me"

Outcome: Decent seat in the house and I got to potentially use a walkie-talkie and flashlight like Nancy Drew in book #23.

My View

You can’t deny a show that gets its audience involved and they stick around.

The Audience

Reward: a free show and a ticket credit for another Fringe show

Tidbits of the Night:

1. The rover was only designed to last for 90 Mars days

2. The show can not start until all Fire watch are present. L & I would shut the show down for entire festival.

Next up: Les Ballets de ci de la


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