Philadelphia Live Arts and Fringe Fest Volunteer Extravaganza: Les Ballets de-ci de-la

Boxer Dancing

Photo Credit

Show: Les Ballets de-ci de-la

Location: The Prince Theater

Job: Usher

Primary Responsibility: Guard the elevator and pass out programs.

Outcome: I was almost taken out, run over actually, by two VERY eager attendees…..but maintained ultimate control with simple hand gestures of reassurance.

Reward: Voucher credit for a Live Arts Show and the chance to watch the movie.  I realized I still do not appreciate dance as I should. Throughout the movie, I was thinking, “What the hell….????”

Tidbits of the Night:

1. Though the film was free and it was general admission, tickets were still sold

2. Another moment of “Philly: Big City, Small Town”. I saw a few familiar faces from previous shows

Next Up: Cashing out my vouchers to go see Pig Iron’s : Twelfth Night, Or What You Will


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