Philadelphia Live Arts and Fringe Fest Volunteer Extravaganza: Canyon

I was not able to participate in Lady M. I had to work. THAT’S how my show goes.

Show: Canyon

It all begins with the box. Rolling around, laying yellow tape.

Overheard at the show:

Girl 1: “There’s no method to that madness”

Girl 2: “No method is a method”

Location: Wilma Theater on the Avenue of the Arts

Photo Credit

Job: Ticket Seller. No Pseudonymous required. But am kickin it in my Holly Hobby dress

Primary responsibility: Will-Call. And to direct a woman with an infant and stroller to the back of the audience, because that is her only option.

Outcome: My ticket selling partner was Jul**. In true Philly fashion, she knew someone I knew, Justintime. A testament to my belief of Philly being a big city, but a small town.

Reward: I got to see a moving box lay yellow tape throughout the lobby and hit everything standing still.

Tidbits of the night

1. The Wilma has their light sponsored by PECO

2. It was opening night

3. The theater has won 39 Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theater, the most awards received by any company

Next up: Back to Red Rovers for Firewatch


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