Philadelphia Live Arts and Fringe Fest Volunteer Extravaganza: Elephant Room

Show: Elephant Room

Location: Play and Players

Job: Usher for the Balcony (uniform not required. But I would have been excited to wear one)

Photo Credit

Primary responsibilty: don’t let anyone fall off the upper balcony ledge  into the crowd below

Outcome: It’s all good.

Reward: FREE ticket and great seats.

Meet the Cast

Dennis Diamond:Mentalist

Daryl Hannah: Master of  Birds

Louie Magic: The Magic Man of Magic

Tidbits of the night

1. Play and Players is the oldest community theater in the US. They will celebrating 100 years this year.

2. The theater is also on the Philly Cross City Walk I did a few weeks ago.

3. The stage is set atop cinder blocks.

4. There’s a lovely surprise at the end of the show.

Next Show: Red Rovers


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