Philadelphia Folk Festival or How I Learned to Love the Mud

The Groundz

City Snob no more! Forgetting I haven’t camped for over 20 years, I lived the life of muddy hippie for three days while I volunteered at the 50th Anniversary of the Philadelphia Folk Festival at the Old Pool Farm in Schwenksville, Pa.

Expectations: The Unknown

Reality: Something Special

And It Begins....Our Camp Site

The Boys

Wait Wait, I Need to Pose, BVA, and Justintime

Kizzbot and Justintime

It's not official unless there is a phone pic

Loud Camping

It's not a night till there is hula hooping

Ceremonial Chair Burning by the Groundz Crew.

Great night singing.

Sky Lanterns

The Community

Each camp has a name or concept. We were next to the Cats Down Under. Other camps include Who-ville, Azzole Country, The Tuesdays, The Hooligans, Bob’s Country Bunker and F.L.I.D.S.

Which Way to Go

The Canadians


The $4.99 ATM. And obviously VERY secure.

Chickie Hauling the Truck Out of the Mud

The Bells of the Groundz Crew

Roaming the Community Grounds

Dulcimer Grove for the Kids

Martin's Guitars Stageish

Can't Deny Music in the Air

Sustainable Living Roadshow

Merch Tent

One of many, ah..wait......what ARE these called? Either way, super fun.

Crazy About Bubbles

The Quiet Before the Storm

Dramatic Rainfall

Survivors of Day 1

The Stage

Dirty Kitchen: Photo Credit

Tempest Celtic Rock

Arlo Guthrie and David Bromberg

You brought me to tears Arlo, you brought me to tears.

Happy Fest!

More PFF Videos: HERE


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