Come On, Let’s Get High

Weather: 86 Degrees and Clear

Perfect for a helicopter ride with Twitter peeps @picture_philly and @MindyYablonski 

Tweeps before take off

Cashing in our Groupon awesomeness, we headed out to the Northeast Philadelphia Airport for a helicopter ride with our pilot Brian. He assured us he had flown for more than one day. Nice.

PicturePhilly and Pilot Brian

All reared up and ready to go, we head out over the city. I was tempted to point and fact check at anything and everything we flew over throughout the trip, I held back.

Still before take off….and it was pretty snug.

The flight, 30 minutes in length, took us down the Schuylkill River and over the city, into parts of Philadelphia’ s 9200 acres of public park and over the Zoo. Flying at 900 feet at 120 miles/hour, we passed over manicured cemeteries, picturesque churches, and into an American Eagle’s eye view of Independence Mall.

Head sets with a microphone. Oh, I was in Heaven. Picture Courtesy of Picture Philly

Sitting in the back, I placed all my hopes for good pictures on @picture_philly, and he did not disappoint. All aerial pictures, courtesy of Picture Philly.  All witty banter, my own.

Here’s a great video to show the experience:

Hula Girl

Ben Franklin Bridge:The Longest Blue Bridge in the World

Independence Hall

L1, L2, and Comcast Building

The Museum

Our parting shot: Courtesy of Picture Philly.


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