Starting a Day in Ft. Worth – The Stockyards

The Stockyards

Spending a day in the Ft. Worth Stockyards. Here’s a good, general start to entertain yourself.

10:45 – Arrive.

Shops open at 10:30 and the area is still waking up.  Park in the last parking lot on E. Exchange, that’s right, go all the way back and you’ll get free parking after 11:00am on WEEKDAYS.

Head straight to the Visitors Center and sign up for the 2pm guided, walking tour. $6 There is a self guided tour option with GPS, but I strongly encourage you to have a live guide. Guides can answer questions and tell you inside stories and trivia a scripted tour can’t.

11:00Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

Self guided tour  (I had no option for  a live guide) with The Sterquell Wagon Collection, the world’s largest collection of lifestyle wagons.

Sicilian Cart, circa 1750
Milk Truck
Welsh Funeral Wagon
The Herd. Yes! They are that close!

11:30ish Head straight out to the Visitors Center and stand in the front. This will be your BEST sight for the daily cattle drive of the Fort Worth Herd. Be advised, the 11:30 time is when schools have their field trips. May I suggest a drink before you go?

Before you leave, don’t miss a chance to walk about the colossuem and see the scultptures. Texans do pride themselves in “Everything is Big in Texas” and the Stockyards are no exception.

One of several, large, spurs and buckles lining the promenade.
It’s not cowboy, if there isn’t horseshoes and boots.

If you’re looking for shopping, head back to Main St and to the left and you’ll find The Cross-Eyed Moose.  Be advised, it’s basically all leather and horns. So, you’ll love it if you love the cowboy lifestyle. You’ll be a little put off if you’re vegan or there of the like.

The Cross-Eyed Moose
One of MANY wall mounts

Two last words before you leave the Stockyards.

1. Steak.

2. Billy Bobs.

You MUST try The White Elephant Saloon or The Stockyards Hotel’s H3 Ranch for food and Billy Bob’sfor live music.

Photo Credit: Virtual Tourist
The Entrance of The World’s Largest Honky Tonk

Go home, take a nap, and clean up good, because Billy Bob’s lists itself as “The World’s Largest Honky Tonk” and it’s something you should make an effort to experience.

Billy Bob’s deserves a post all onto itself, Check out French Fry Fairy’s experience. I didn’t go dancing this time around, though because everyone I know in Texas is married with kids or pregnant. I WILL tell you this. It’s big, it smells like sawdust and farm depending on where you’re standing.  It has a small rodeo, mechanical bull, gift shop, two dance floors, and can offer big headliners for live music concerts.

(YES! They are tourists there…but hey, you’re a tourist for this one night!)


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