Dallas – Life in the City, Arts District

Philly is a city of neighborhoods, Dallas is a city of suburbs.  I rarely left the Dallas suburbs while I was growing up there.  It wasn’t until I went back to visit after moving to Philly did I see clearly, downtown Dallas’ potential.   For this visit Mom and I went to the Nasher Sculpture Center.

This lovely sculpture garden is nestled in the city, unassuming, and quite a surprise for me.

Bronze Crowd, 1990-91, Magdalena Abakanowicz

Bronze Crowd: “Viewers can walk between and among the figures, penetrating the imposing solidarity of the group and, simultaneously stepping into the profoundly solitary experience of being alone in a crowd.”

Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Vertebrae, 1968 Henry Moore

Interesting about this particular garden was the link to Philadelphia. There was an Alexander “Sandy” Calder sculpture. His father Alexander “Sterling” Calder was the scultupre artist for Swann Fountain and his grandfather, Alexander Milne Calder was the scultpure artist for Philadelphia’s City Hall sculpture of William Penn

Three Bollards (Trois Bollards), 1970, Alexander Calder

Head of a Woman, Picasso, 1958

A few of the pieces are ment to demonstrate man’s need to socialize, to engage his fellow man or least he become numb as an individual. The first example was Bronze Crowd and the second was Rush Hour.

Rush Hour, George Segal, 1983

Rush Hour: “Echos of Rodin’s famous sculpture, the figures seem resigned to their routine, numbed by fatigue, and isolated in their own thoughts despite the proximity of their fellow commuters. ”

Inside we took part in an interactive exhibit, Martin Creed’s: Half the Air in a Given Space.  He calculates the volume of air in a space and then traps it inside balloons. For the Nasher, this meant 9,000 16-inch gold balloons that fill a gallery more than 8 feet high. The public is invited to bully its way through the balloons.

Martin Creed's Half the Air in a Given Space



Me: and this is totally a facebook pic!


Ahhh, Yes. Mom, getting out. We were covered in static.


There is plenty to do around the area when you leave the sculpture garden. The Bello Mansion (true Texas money) is close by with a restaurant across the street. There is also The Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas. An absolutely beautiful church, open to the public. 



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