Philadelphia Italian Market Festival

Festivals and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the festivals, hate the crowds. That was until I went to The Italian Market Festival.

The beginning of the festival

The yearly event is held in South Philly, lovingly known for having the oldest open air markets and Mummers.

Image Credit

This festival offers the usual crafts, food, and music. What I liked particularly about this festival is the lay out. Taking up a large portion of 9th street, the festival has a set up for foot traffic. Food and Craft vendors were separated  from each other allowing the crowds to take over the food and drink areas and leave the slow wanderers into the arts and crafts areas.

Top 40 and classics. You can't go wrong

Must do Festival Tips:

Have a cannoli from Termini Brothers 

A Philly Staple: Photo Credit

Buy a Peroni from the sidewalk

Photo Credit

Wait in line for pasta and meatballs at Talluto’s

Photo Credit

Buy locally made crafts on your way out

Craft-made earrings of Walnut and Cherry

Super Tips:

A BYOB event, but keep it on the down low.


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