Boathouse Row – Adapted Sports

“Outdoor Activities” and I have an interesting relationship. It usually involves one to three hours of physical activity, the development of a wicked sunburn,  and ends with a long nap.

I made my way to an Open House at the Pennsylvania Center for Adapted Sportswith Tulip, to expand my horizons in the world of adapted sports as well as orientation to be a volunteer.


The Scull...not a row boat.


Adapted for those without use of their legs.

Body harnesses for those with little core strength.

Handles are modified for those without a strong grip.

Done in doubles for optimal participation.

Transferable seats for rowers


Involves a lot of coordination.

Prepare for scrapped hands from lack of said coordination with rowing paddles.

The rowing backwards makes me a little skittish.

Our hands are bloody....Tulip and I are official rowers.


The shortest and widest kayak, which meant the slowest.


Definitely easier to navigate in the river.

Options of single or double aka “divorce” kayaks.

The kayaks don’t feel like they’ll tip into the river.

You row forward and can enjoy the river’ and city sights.

Tulip and her longer and faster kayak


They are trickier to get into. It involves sitting on the dock and lifting yourself from the dock to the kayak in a lateral shift into the vessel.

Expect to get some Schuykill River on you.  Well, expect a lot really.

You feel the need to keep an eye out for the multiple sculls out practicing on the river.

Standard and adapted oars


Multiple types of adapted bikes.


All hand and arm propelled. Some even if you can’t use your hands.

Multiple types of racing and leisure bikes.

You can try out multiple types of bikes before buying one of your own.

Tandem biking is available, as well,  for those who are blind

Tandem Bike


If you get the wrong bike, it’s a little tricky to get your balance

Racing Bike

Tulip on the leaning bike

Me falling off the leaning bike

I’ve decided to volunteer for biking. As you can see, it’s where my talent lays.

Are you interested in helping people scull and kayak?

Check out:

PA Adapted Sports WEBSITE 

Me, I’m headed home for a nap


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