Contest: Philly Monster Needs Your Help

You’ve seen her before, representing Philly, defending the Mother Monster herself. Now, it’s time to take it across the pond. One of Philly’s own is looking to represent in London, because May 17, Lady Gaga will take over Metro’s editions as a guest Editor-in-Chief. Our own Lucy Monster  wants and should have the experience to be Lady Gaga’s assistant for the day. Not based on her devotion to Gaga, but to Gaga’s vision of identifying what we are born to do.

Michael Caulfield / Getty Images

The Mother Monster’s proclamation:

I was born to be brave. That’s part of my mission in life. I was born to follow my artistic visions. But other people were maybe born to be something else, follow their own destiny.
Why were you born this way? 

Lady Gaga

Lucy Monster’s response to the call:
I too, was born to be brave. Just as GaGa was born to be brave for her Little Monsters, I was born to be brave for my 15 year old spinal cord injury patient, paralyzed from the neck down from a HS wrestling tournament. Who may never walk, eat, or breathe on his own again. For my 50 year old brain cancer patient , who is going through radiation and chemo while worrying about his two teenage daughters. For the 43 year old daughter of my 65 year old stroke patient, who is now worrying about managing a full time job, three young children, and now taking care of Dad. It is these, and countless other patients and family I have met as an Occupational Therapist at Magee Rehabiliation Hospital in Philadelphia, that have inspired me to be brave with their strong wills, determination, and amazing courage to continue to live fulfilling lives in the face of adversity. It is my duty to give back to them, inspire an encourage them as they do me every day. I guess I was born to make a difference. 
“Like”  OUR OWN PHILLY GIRL, Lucy Monster
 HERE: Lucy Monster Goes to London

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