Last Night the DJ Saved My Life

DJ’s do not pay much attention to anyone if they’re:

1. Annoying

2. Smell

3. Show potential to ruin their equiptment

Saturday I was Atlantic City bound with The Illiminator to see DJGeorge123 at the Rumba Room in the Tropicana.

The ultimate goal: Have DJGeorge123 play all my requests and if not, at least play the particular songs with words.

My Tweet time line of the night.

  • Headed to AC to spend the night w @DJGeorge123 and silently judge all those who walk through the doors.
  • AC bound for @DJGeorge123 and having flashbacks of my first days going to the club before I drank. Turtlenecks were involved.
  • AC: so far it’s bump-its and hoochies …. @DJGeorge123 says the shorter the skirt, the better the night.
  • AC: Boy toys abound! Yea for me. Must have own phone line. @DJGeorge123
  • Ahhhh…. I do love my @DJGeorge123 mix. He’s following my rules. I think, or waiting for me to get too tipsy w boy toy to care
  • AC: Rumba Bar = sausage factory. I won’t complain. @DJGeorge123

The Rumba Bar, snug in the middle back of the Tropicana, was indeed, a sausage factory. Barely a woman in site, including the hookers. A decision was made to play more Gaga and Pink because that’ll get the girls in the bar.

  • AC: @DJGeorge123 Mash up of Bad Romance and Dont Stop Till You Get Enough…. Excellent
  • He’s playing my song! Holla! @DJGeorge123 Check It Out…. Will.I. Am. and Nicki M…. Love it!
  • AC: California Girls mixed w Funky Cold Medina…. Holla! @DJGeorge123
DJGeorge123 let me behind the turn table. Holla! I was so psyched. He let me switch over, slowly one song to another, and of course, headphones were involved. And that was all that mattered.

Then,  DJGeorge123 and I watched as the Illiminator walked around the casino,  put on hold by his “lady friend”.

  • @DJGeroge123 : True love knows no meaning of time. But friends know that 15 mins on hold is tooo long.
  • @betsyvonawesome: [Illiminator] has been on hold for 25 min w a girl . This can’t be normal

Eventually, after 45..FORTY FIVE MINUTES.. on hold, The Illiminator finally spoke with his “lady friend”.  Then, the night just got weird.  It involved the headphones and a lot of pointing.

Finally, tired, with my heels off, and willing to curl up in the corner on a moments notice and fall asleep, The Illimantor and I headed out. With one last event.

AC Drift

The Illiminator was swinging around each and every corner in the Tropicana parking lot this was on my mind:

@betsyvonawesome: my driver was re-enacting “Tokyo Drift” while we were exiting the parking garage at AC.


I’ll die in an AC.

In a parking garage.

Tropicana Rumba Bar tips: 

  • Great music
  • No dance floor
  • Plenty of seating
  • Great people watching
  • Close to the bathroom

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