LOVE Park Project – Jewelle and Chris

April and Spring. These are the beginnings of something special in Philadelphia. This year I’m headed out to LOVE Park to meet couples who choose to give their love to the sign for the LOVE Park Project.

How did you meet?

Mutual friend’s going away party.

Best date place?

Dialog in the Dark – Atlanta, Ga

If you were an animal couple, what animals would you be?



One thought on “LOVE Park Project – Jewelle and Chris

  1. OMG JFK and Chris! this is beautiful Betsy Von. I’ve never been to Philly but i want to go and the L0V3 park thing is awesome. You picked a beautiful couple & this post just co-signed the start of something amazing! thnx I enjoyed the post SN: ELEPHANTS rock! Fistpumps to them for choosing that animal:)
    Gail BeAN
    Twitter: @gail_bean

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