LOVE Park Project

April and Spring. These are the beginnings of something special in Philadelphia.

‘April in Philly’: a take on Spring in Paris. Paris is in the air in Philly and LOVE Park should be no exception. This year, Paris made it’s way into the Philadelphia Flower Show and the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA) . Philadelphia, itself, is seething with Parisian influences including the Ben Franklin Parkway and the Ben Franklin Bridge. I want to feature couples, of all kinds, who come to see LOVE Park in Philly. These are the lucky ones!

I’m headed out to LOVE Park to meet couples who choose to give their love to the sign. I’m bringing along Nike, G-Love,  and Brown Sugar for help.

Throughout the month I’ll post pictures of couples and their LOVE sign love, along with answers to the following questions:

1. How did you meet?

2. Best date place.

3. If you were an animal couple, what animals would you be?

Edmund Bacon would be proud.


9 thoughts on “LOVE Park Project

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