Wicked Weekend in Boston-Tourist Trap

You say “Tourist trap”, I say “a lil’ bit of somethin special”.

AHHHHHH! Dick’s Last Resort. I’ve seen you from all sides, and I regret NOTHING! Dallas, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, San Antonio, and Boston, you’ve been owned by me!


A 40 of Bud Light. Not a joke. A reality.

If you’ve never been to Dick’s, I urge you to go and get drunk. That’s the only way to really appreciate it. I promise you. Known for the rude and obnoxious behavior and straight from the hip frankness. You get no upscale dining here. You’ll be lucky to get a napkin handed to you.


Joe: He's single. For a reason.

I feel the love.

Honestly, Dick’s is a lot of fun if you play along. There is usually live music at night and well worth the visit. All tables are picnic seating, you will be sitting next to complete strangers, a la, Irish seating. After your Bud Light 40, you’ll make friends easily.



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