Wicked Weekend in Boston – Back Bay

What can I say, let’s have another drink. But at least get some dinner first….with a little help from @notfortourists iPhone app.

The Rattlesnake Bar and Grill, in Back Bay, is a sports bar with a medium crowd. Not too loud, no too subtle. Perfect for dinner. We were the only ones dining in and eating in the dining area, away from the bar (and the St. Pat’s crowd), so we had the undivided attention of our waiter.  I can’t complain about service and I can’t really go on and on about it either.

Too much of the St. Pats crowd and my need for something local, we hit up Bukowski Tavern. A certified Boston dive (IMO) with a relatively clean bathroom. I’m not sure if it loses its divieness because of the clean bathrooms, but I consider a bar a dive if there is not enough seating, the lighting is a joke, and PBR is on tap. This little bar sits on the side of a bridge, all by its lonesome, making it worth visiting for place, alone.

Photo Credit: FoodComa911.com

As tempted as I was to order PBR, I went for the Delaware, representin’ Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA and settled into Hipster World.

Photo credit: Quevillon:flickr


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