Wicked Weekend in Boston – Jamaica Plain

Boston = Beer or is it Beer = Boston.

I’ll take it either way. The first stop, Sam Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain.  Reachable by the T, get there early because all tickets are timed. We arrived at 12:15 and the earliest tour was 1:40.

We were in the Boston Lager Group

The tour covers the basics…yeast, hops, barley, water, ending in the tasting room. Our tour guide, Brian, offered three samples of Sam Adams as well as tasting techniques.


5 Steps of Beer Sampling:

Color: Yellow, Amber, Brown, Black

Clarity: Clear, murky, “two finger test” (Can you see two fingers through the glass)

Smell: Banana, butterscotch, cloves, smoke

Taste: Light, heavy, medium. “Just the tip” taste. Tasting with the tip of the tongue, to focus on sweetness of the beer. Guys under 25 love that phrase.

Personal Experience: How did you like it overall

Lastly, the Boston Lager Glass:

The Boston Lager Glass

1. Outward glass tip to promote contact with the tongue tip for optimal exposure to sweetness

2. Rounded body shape to collect aroma

3. Thicker walls of glass stem for greater temperature regulation

4. Laser etching on the inside, bottom to promote continued activation for carbon dioxide promoting aroma release.

Doyle's Cafe

Of course the Sam Adams beer tasting is not complete without a visit to Doyle’s Cafe. The place is bigger than it looks with an eclectic crowd.


In the corner of Doyle's Cafe

Yes, it’s touristy because of the brewery tour, but it’s well worth visiting because, those tourists (yours included) do not stick around too long and eventually leave their bar seats. Well worth staking out.


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