Wicked Weekend in Boston-North End

Great Sighting, I Will Not Deny That

Call it what you will, Boston is all kinds of Wicked.   I do love cities made of neighborhoods, and Boston is no exception.

North Boston via @notfortoursts : Boston iPhone app.

Bell in Hand Tavern

Photo Credit

The second oldest pub in America, established in 1795.  Have a Bell in Hand Ale and sit at one of the many window seats, it is busy corner for great people watching. The stunning Holocaust Memorial is close by (across the street actually) and the Haymarket is around the corner full of fresh produce and fish. On a sunny day it’s worth it to plant yourself and settle in for a few hours.



Holocaust Memorial. Six glass towers, with victims' numbers representing six camps.

Mike’s Pastry

Cannolis are the name of the game after lunch.

Photo Credit: CarbZombie;flickr

Nice cannoli for a sweet treat after a long trip.

Pistachio with powdered sugar

Tip: Don’t be fooled by the long line running out the entrance. Once you get to the front door, head to the right or left. Individual lines form at the counter, in front of each server. Pass on dining in and head out to the park down the street to sit and enjoy your cannoli at the many tables overlooking one of the beautiful green spaces of Boston. ** You have to ask for powered sugar**

Now that you are:

1. Stuffed

2. Possibly tipsy

3. On a sugar high

You’re best bet would be to make your way to Charlestown  and walk it off. Follow the Freedom Trail to see Old Ironsides, aka, the USS Constitution.

USS Constitution

USS Constitution/Old Ironsides

The oldest, commissioned battleship, named by George Washington, himself.  Famous for it’s defeat of five British  warships during the war of 1812, she received her name ‘Old Ironsides’ after the defeat of HMS Guerriere.

Me and the Masts.

You can find the Constitution at one end of the Freedom Trail and a few steps from the museum honoring the history the vessel and an interactive exhibit of sailor life.

The hull of the ship

We had 15 minutes to see the vessel, it appears tours are offered in the hull. Thankfully, the sailor in charge let us slip in and take a quick snap.

Well, worth the visit.  Donations requested to support the museum exhibit. Free admission to the ship.


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