Together We Turn the World Inside Out

Art can change emotion. Well all know that. I’ve heard more and more about TED and JR via Twitter and Hulu, I finally was able to see his work in motion today. I smiled.

“Art is not supposed to change the world, but change perceptions”- JR

Keeping up with world politics and conflicts is stressing me out. Hope seems so distant while watching,  helplessly, events 3,000 miles away. As conflict rages on and headlines read the same, I have to shut down and ignore it just to keep from getting sad and angry.

It’s nice to see, no…..actually it’s inspiring and motivating to see passionate people getting involved. I’ve always questioned what would I do in these situations? Would I be a rebel? Would I be a warrior? Would I be a spy? Or would I be a sarcastic Cabaret owner who mocks world events and leaders to make social change?


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