Not Your Grandma’s Belly Dancing

Photo Credit

Once again, I ventured out to see some great belly dancing, but with a twist. World Live Cafe hosted Animus with Philadelphia’s Belly Dance Spectacular. The twist was the type of belly dancing….dancing to  the fusion music of  an

“….instrumental group of culturally diverse musical concepts and traditions from ancient to modern alike. Greek, Blues, Middle Eastern, Jazz, Spanish, Funk, Latin, Rock, Indian, Klezmer and African influences all find their way into their exciting eclectic performances”


The night exhibited a different variety of dancing. The dancers were toned and muscular and not fleshy and Rubenesque, as I had expected.  The costumes were all beautifully done in brightly toned colors, incorporating tassels and jewels. The costume style was tight and form-fitting on the dancers, not swaying and loose as I had anticipated.

The costumes were amazing, I’m all for color, sounds, and props. Scarves, swords, and fans…oh my!  I am positive I will be able to either wear one of those and dance, eventually.

Variety is the spice of  life, and this show provided just that.

I’ll be working on my belly dancing poses later. As you can see, I’m in the neophyte stage now.


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