Basement Boutique. Where Few Dare to Tread, but Should.

“Boutique” and “Basement” aren’t two words put together often. In this instance, they are and it’s perfect. Snug deep in the basement of the South Street Antiques Market sits ABroad Vintage Boutique.  A charming and warm boutique offering an eclectic variety of dresses, tops, jackets, hats, jewelry, and purses.  All unique wares from around the world, from various decades. Military jackets, sequin tops, ethnic blouses, a gold full body jumpsuit are a few of the more interesting finds.  AFM and AFM sister, and A-Team met up with me for a seek and find mission of interesting vintage pieces.

I’m considered a plus size girl, so no luck with finding pieces in my size. Which is the norm, so not too shocking.  But there was still interesting and colorful accessories to choose from.  I found the cutest necklaces!

From Amsterdam: Blue Pear Necklace $30


And a flirty knocker necklace (hopefully my mother finds this funny)

From Bordeaux: Lion Door Knocker Necklace $20

Purse and letter carrier bags and hats

Jewelry Blessed by Marylin

Jewelry Blessed by Dietrich

Whimsical hanging rabbit feet

Open Saturday and Sundays, items are moderately priced and all are one of kind pieces, there is a changing room on sight.  There is also an Etsy site for more items from the boutique post at the end of the blog.

ABroad Vintage Boutique
South Street Antiques Market
615 South 6th St
Philadelphia, Pa

Etsy: ABroad Vintage Boutique


One thought on “Basement Boutique. Where Few Dare to Tread, but Should.

  1. Only you would comment on a door knocker necklace. It did bring a smile to my face.

    Great little shop. The next time I am in Philly, I want to visit it.

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