Birthin’ Hips Put to Work: Belly Dancing!

Thank God for my Southern birthin’ hips, because they came in quite, handy for my first attempt at belly dancing.  After last years attempt at pole dancing, I knew belly dancing would be a little less intimidating, but still involving tassels and charms. Brown Sugar met up with me  in the Art Museum area at Valerie’s Studio 1831 for a beginners class.  $12/class or $100/10 classes.

The Studio

You can’t have Belly Dancing without a cat. Here’s Suki, who lay at my feet, while I was dancing.

A few classic beginner moves: All are isolated motions, intended to appear effortless. I complained that my boobs felt like they were swinging everywhere and was told by Valerie, herself. “You can’t overdo it. If they feel like they are going to swing over your shoulder, that’s great.”

The Shimmy

The Head Roll

Shoulder Pops

The Rib Cage Roll

The Hip Snap/Drop

The Pelvic Tilt


Resulting in:


Valerie’s Studio 1831

1831 Brandywine St.

Philadelphia, PA 19130



2 thoughts on “Birthin’ Hips Put to Work: Belly Dancing!

  1. Damn girl this blog is off the hook! It was nice meeting you at Dick’s last weekend. If you get a chance to check out my concept and give me ANY feedback I would greatly appreciate it; you truly are a connoisseur. I published a mock food and beer menu too…


    • Hey Sam! Yes…super fun in Boston! Thanks babe….I’ll check out your site again and give you a shout about it.

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