Dublin, Ireland. The History.

Having previously been to Dublin, I have already gotten my tourist fill on few things. Trinity College, Dublinia, The Spire/Spike/Stiletto in the Ghetto. Now it was time for at least two more ‘MUST DO’S’. The Book of Kells and The Guinness Storehouse. Of course the best way to see these spots, but also more of Dublin….The Dublin Bus Tour. Double Decker, here I come!

The Guinness family had a great impact on the City of Dublin, providing improved housing for the general public as well as medically and financially backing their employees. The building was a run down factory, bought by a young, Arthur Guinness with a lease for 45.00 pounds a month, for 9000 years. The tour flowed well through five? floors, ending at the top in the Gravity Bar. The best view of Dublin there is to see.

Here is a great video (not my doing, sadly) of the storehouse. It’s a self guided tour of the building.

Video Credit

The Book of Kells, an absolutely amazing display of artistry that is said to be not the work of monks, but of angels. An illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament. It’s on permanent display at Trinity College Library in Dublin. A visually stunning display, explaining multiple levels of the book, including chapters, artistry through Christian iconography, history of the book’s travels through a violent history, as well as demonstrations of the books materials.

I loved it for the art and the history. This always helps the appreciation of the books.

Video Credit

Video Credit


Tomorrow: Galway.


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